Reflections has been a staple arts program in many schools for over 50 years. Through the efforts of our Local PTAs, millions of students have found a creative outlet in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts.

For examples of entries from last year's program, check out the Texas PTA Reflections Gallery at

Reflections entries were based on the theme of "I am hopeful because..." and were judged by volunteers from Leander High School. Special thank you to our art teacher Michelle Stoeffler for her generous support of the Reflections program at Giddens this year!! For more info on Reflections go to

Giddens Level Reflections Awards:

Intermediate - Music Composition

Amelia H  Award of Excellence - Progressing to District

Intermediate - Visual Art

Bennet P Award of Excellence - Progressing to District

Ariana H - Award of Excellence

Bennet P - Award of Merit

Blayne O -  Award of Merit

Primary - Visual Art

London M - Award of Excellence Progressing to District

Brady L - Award of Excellence Progressing to District

Caydence H -  Award of Excellence

SevAnna P - Award of Excellence

Wren S - Award of Excellence

Santiago O - Award of Merit

Benjamin A -  Award of Merit

Cameron A - Award of Merit

Kai C -  Award of Merit

Zekiah S - Award of Merit

Lorenzo S - Award of Merit

Lindi K.- Award of Merit

Giddens contest deadline: Oct 27, 2023 5pm*

Virtual submission form - Please hold onto your original artwork in case your piece advances to district! School level judging will happen in November; advancing entries will be notified by December 15.

Student Program Rules Packet 

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Downloadable Student Entry Form  

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*Must be a Giddens PTA member by October 31, 2023. Join here!

If you wish to download the category rules individually, they are linked below:

 General Rules

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Dance Choreography 

English | Spanish

Film Production 

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English | Spanish

Music Composition 

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English | Spanish

Visual Arts 

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Special Artist Rules 

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Single Page Rules

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Student Entry Form 

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